The Blue Veil

By Francis DeMonet


It is the story of a young girl who made a wish that change her life and her kingdom life forever. Summer Living with her Mother and sister enjoyed a happy life together, but Summer wanted more, she wanted to be beautiful. One day Summer found herself in the forbidden forest in the presence of the keeper of the forest. She asked him to grant her a wish and the keeper decided to do it. Her wish was to be so beautiful that everyone who looked upon her will fall madly in love with her. Upon receiving her wish every where Summer walked or was seen people fell madly in love with her to the point of madness. Her wish had become her curse. She could no longer walk outside her door without people camping at her door. The madness was beyond belief. But her problem grew worse. She had gotten the attention of the Red Witch and those young women who come into the Red Witch sight often disappear forever.





Chapter One
Once, there lived two sisters, one named Summer and the other named Winter. They both lived with their mother, whose name was Autumn, in a small town called Arcadia.

Arcadia is owned by the fair kingdom of Alexandria. Now, it was a lovely town indeed, and it enjoyed a beautiful landscaping with beautiful parks. Autumn and the girl lived in a very warm and friendly house. Now they wasn’t rich, but they lived comfortable. Autumn was a tailor who created beautiful clothing for both men and women who lived in the village, and for many wealthy villagers in the kingdom of Alexandria

Autumn liked to give back. Every Sunday she baked food and filled them in baskets to take to the park where she feeds lots of people. Mostly elderly people which she loves to help. So her and winter goes off to the park while Summer stays behind. This Sunday It was the same routine, Autumn was preparing to put food in the van and winter was going with her. After she putting her things in the van  She was preparing to get inside as her and winter normally did, but, out of nowhere comes Summer, whom for the first time wanted to go with them. Winter and Autumn was so shocked. They could not believe Summer wanted to come, but they both was glad to have her come...

Now, on this hot and beautiful day and people was already lining up at the tables when they arrive. Some of the men help Autumn take the food out of the car and they assisted in putting up her table. Summer, Winter, and Autumn, gave out plates of food until they ran out. That afternoon they came home and winter embrace Summer for her work well done. So did Autumn.

“Did you enjoy yourself today? “Autumn asked.

“I loved it.”  Responded Summer.

“Then, you will be joining us again?” Autumn asked.

“Maybe!”  Responded Summer.

“You looked good out there, I think the people was shocked to see you there.” Winter said.

“You are right they are use to Winter and I. But, they have never seen you with us before. You made thing move even faster for us and them. They appreciate you for the things you did for them today.”

“Why do you do it Mom?” Summer asked.

“I love to see people eat. It is my way of giving back for the beautiful blessings I have received.”

 “What blessings are those?” Winter asked.


“My two wonderful daughters are my blessings, and I am so proud of both of you.  I just want to show my appreciation, and do something for others.”

Summer laughing. Winter giggles.

“Laugh all you want, it is true.”

Now, while Winter, Summer and Autumn turned in for the night. On the other part of the kingdom, there lives a queen, name Lydia, and her husband king Francis. They have a son name Chris who is becoming eighteen years old, and they are going to prepare a celebration. So they are inviting Kings, Princes, Prince, Dignitary, from all over the world to attend this festive event and they are inviting many special people from the community to attend this affair. King Francis Also have special plans for the people who have gone the extra yard to helping people in their communities. So he is sending his guards out to give those people special invitation to the kings Anniversary.

Now, the word was out and bells was ringing and horns was blowing. The town crier was bringing the news to all who hear of the world greatest Anniversary that is taking place this spring. People were excited about the news. It was the first time in many years and many felt there would never be an anniversary again. To everyone surprise came great happiness and fear, still people were hoping to get an invite. Many other people was wondering who in the community will get the special invitation.

 Summer, Winter, and Autumn was just getting ready for dinner when a knocked came at the door. Autumn wonder who could be knocking at the door this late in the afternoon just at dinner time, so she got up and walked to the door. She looked through the peep hole and saw it was her neighbor. She opened the door.

“Hello Mrs. Winston. Is there anything wrong?” Autumn asked.

“No. I just wanted to tell you of the event this spring. Or have you heard?”

“No.  What event are you talking about?”

“The King has announce, they are having an anniversary to celebrate their eighteenth anniversary. The world have been invited.”

“Wow! I can’t believe we are having an anniversary. We haven’t had one of those in years. “Autumn said.

“No we haven’t and good reason.”

“Yes I know. I am surprise he is doing it again.”

“That is why this is a very special event, because of the risk he is taking.”

“What risk who is taking?” Winter asked as she approach the door.

“Oh Nothing, sweetheart. Just the king is having an anniversary.”

“Oh my, an anniversary. I heard of other kingdom having them but I didn’t think Alexandria ever had one.”

“We did before you were born. We had some incredible anniversaries that went on for days.”

“Why did it stop?” Winter asked.

“It is a long story Honey, I will tell you about it later.”

“I am sorry. I thought they knew.”

“I was waiting for the right time to tell them.”

“Well the reason I came is because they are giving out very special invitation, and word has it you are on the list.”

“I am on the list. Why?”

“All that you have done for the community, all you have done for people. If you are not on that list, then nobody belongs on the list.”

“I thank you for what you are saying. But, I don’t expect to be on a list like that.”

“Well I think you better think again, because the Kings Guard is walking up your driveway.”

Autumn walked up to the door to see the guard walking to the door.

“Good evening.”

“Good evening.”

“I am looking for Autumn!”

“I am Autumn.”

“I am Raal, Honor Guard for King Francis. He has invited you and your daughter to his Anniversary Ball. “

He gave her two invitations. She took the invitation and saw they had only two names her and Winter.

“I am sorry. I cannot accept.”

The Guard stunned! By what he just heard.

‘You can’t accept the King’s invitation. Why?”

“I have two daughters! I cannot in good faith accept an invitation that will leave one of my daughters out of it.”

“I am sorry, we did not know there was another. But she was not on the list, People never mentioned her. They only mentioned you and Winter.”

“I understand and appreciate it, and if you will give my daughter Winter the invitation I will be more than happy. But, I cannot accept it for me.”

“I understand. “He took the one invitation and left the other for winter. He walked back to the carriage.

Winter, Autumn, Mrs. Winston watched as the guard drove away. Mrs. Winston, She look at Autumn in disbelief, “I suppose you know what you are doing?”

“Yes I do.” Replied Autumn.

Mrs. Winston: “congratulations! Winter for going to the ball.” Looking down the street and saw the Guard were stopping at her house.

Bye! She shouted as she ran toward her house.

Autumn closed the door and walked into the dining where Summer was still sitting. Summer did not want to look at her mother, her eyes refuse to listen to her, starring up at her mother. Autumn had a sad look on her face.

“You heard!” Autumn asked.

“I heard.” Replied Summer.


“No! It is not ok.” Autumn interrupted!

“I won’t go either!” said Winter.

“No! I want you to go and have a good time.” Summer insisted.

“Sweetie, I want you to go too.” Autumn replied

“I am not going Mother!” Winter insisted.

“No! Winter you are going, if only to represent the family. I want you to go. It is the event of a life time and you deserve it.” Summer said

“She is right. Although I wish both of you were going, I want you to go and have a nice time. Summer and I will find something else to do. We will be fine.”

“Please go for us.” Summer insisted.” Although deep inside she was hurting, Winter has always receive special treatment and Summer believe it was because people thought she was more beautiful than her. It was further from the truth. Winter spent more time working with her mother, and people got to know Winter.  So when it came to asking people who was the good people in the community people always said Autumn and her daughter Winter.

Still Summer believe the latter. She excuse herself from the table and walk up the stairs to her bedroom.

Winter and Autumn sat at the table saying nothing. A soft smile grew on Winter face. Autumn smile quietly back at her.
Chapter two

 The next morning all the guard reported back to King Francis. They have giving all the invitation except one. Honor Guard Gaal reported to Francis that Autumn had another daughter and she isn’t coming without an invitation for her other daughter. After telling King Francis what happened he was deeply moved. He sat down at his desk and wrote a letter, then gave Gaal a seal envelope and two tickets, he was to deliver immediately. Gaal rushed to his carriage with an escort racing to Autumn home.

Now Autumn was preparing breakfast and Summer and Winter was just coming down stairs as they heard a noise outside. Winter hurried to the door to see what the noise was. As they opened the door, the carriage was pulling up along with a six horse escort. Honor Guard Gaal stepped out of the carriage and hurried up to the women standing there.

He bowed down and said King Francis apologizes and offer you his letter along with two invitation for you and your daughter Summer. He gave her the letter and invitation. Autumn opened the sealed envelope, inside was a fine stationary paper Autumn thoughts was beautiful just to look at the paper. Unfolding the letter she read it out loud:


Dear Autumn:

My deepest apologies as we didn’t know you were blessed with two beautiful daughters. Please accept my invitation for you and your daughters. I will love to have you and your daughters celebrate this special day with me and the Queen.

Our Deepest Love

King Francis and His beloved
Queen Ajaa.

“I accept your invitation.” Winter Replied Autumn.

The Guard gave a sigh of relief. He bowed one more time and walked back to carriage. They watched him and the escort take off. They all was so happy. Summer was going to the ball along with her mother and sister.


Mother tell us why there never been a ball in Alexander for over twenty years.
A quiet but still look grew on Autumn face only to be interrupted by a faint sadness. Winter beckon her mother to sat down.
What happened mother?

Autumn looked at her daughters both of them very curious to what she was going to say. 

I wasn’t sure how to tell it, Summer and Winter waited for an answer.

Long ago there was a tale. I am not sure it is true, but people believe it is true. It was call the white mask ball to celebrate the engagement of his princess Ajaa. She was the most beautiful princess I have ever seen and she was envy of so many kingdoms as her beauty was known all over the world. She had many suitors, kings and wealthy man from all over the world, but somehow she fell in love with King Francis. He loved her at first sight. And she loved him the same. It was a grand ball and over the wealthiest people from all over the world was attending. The streets was filled with festival, there was events everywhere in every park street festivals, fireworks every night until the big ball.

Now that night, it is told, there came a witch, a very powerful witch known as the Red witch. The color of the witches signify how powerful the witches are and she was extremely powerful. She looked at Princess Ajaa and was taken by her beauty. Now at the Ball The king and Princess was to present the kingdom with a surprise, as they have already been married and for two years and have giving birthday to a beautiful princess. They was to introduce it all to the kingdom at the white ball. Now the red witch had different plans as she wanted Princess Ajaa for herself, as she collected beautiful women and made dolls of them, and kept them in a crystal dome. It is said as long as she kept them in that dome she kept the soul and was able to duplicate them to use as she will.

What do you mean? Winter asked.

 She has the ability to clone them and she will sell the clone to those who does her bidding. When the suitor fall to honor her wishes she simply turned the clone into ashes. And the men would be left with broken hearts.

 In the mist of the ball just before the king and the princess begin to dance together, a red light flash and the princess was gone. The king immediately knew who the culprit was and launch his army to recover the princess. But no army was a match to the red witch powerful magic. Queen Aetna, King Francis Mother realized the army and kingdom would be lost if the king went to war with her so she proposed a bargain with the witch. Now the red witch was curious as to what bargain they could offer her, so she met the Queen and Aetna to see what it could be. Queen Aetna offered the Red witch Princess Ciara, their new born child in return for the princess. The King objected to this wholeheartedly and he knew Ajaa will never agree to this, but he knew he will never see her again and the kingdom would be lost. To their surprise the red witch accepted the offer and returned Princess Ajaa safely.”

 What happened to the baby? Summer asked.
No one knows she was never seen again. Ajaa was so disappointed from losing her child to the  witch she turned away from the public and was never seem again, until one day bells started to ring and the word was there was going to be a baby. But was not to be a ball anytime. And for many years there was never a ball until now.

What change? Asked Winter.

There is a rumor that the prince is coming up age and soon it will be time for him to pick a wife. I believe this is what it is all about.
“What about The Red Witch?”

“What about her?” Autumn asked

“What do you think will happen when she hear of the Anniversary?”
“I don’t know!”

“Knowing there is going to be an anniversary and there are going to be a lot of beautiful young women there, wouldn’t she be tempted to come?” Winter Exclaim.

“I am certain she will come.”

“And what happens if she sees someone she likes?”

“I do not know what plans the king have to protect the young women from the Red Witch!

What can he do against a Red Witch?

 “Why would he give such an event that will put women in grave peril?” Summer Asked

“I believe it is because the king has a son instead of a daughter and they feel the Red Witch won’t come after him. She has never had any interests in the boys.” Autumn said

“I feel better already” Summer said



Well! Here’s to the Anniversary!

End Scene