And you were married on her Birthday?

Yes the man responded very curious as to how she knew those things about him.

Do I know you? He ask.

No. Just… my sound just a few days ago talked to a man that looked very similar to you and he had the same name and story as you. Except he was injury in the war.

I was in the war but, I was never injured.

“Oh ok. That is so weird. I am sorry to bother you.”

Later in the house she thought the man and his wife today. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but something tell her something strange happened and she wanted to find what happened. She seen the man with her own eyes and there is no way it was a fake. That was a real man. The man looked the exact same way as her son portrait of him both in the chair and with his legs. This is the man. What happened? How is it he has legs?

 She knew her son were very special. She knew he could make magic with his drawing but she still wasn’t sure. So she decided to put it to the test.

She call her son into the kitchen and showed him a portrait of her coworker who had a big black birthmark, she hated it all her life, but there was no way to get rid of it. She ask her son could he paint a picture of her friend without the birthmark on her face. He did the picture and showed his mother the painting of a lady very happy with her new beautiful face.

The next day she went into work looking for her friend. There was another name on her desk, someone she did not recognized. The lady walked up to her desk and sat down.
“Hi!” She said to Lisa

Hi” Lisa returned, “Where is Barbara? Lisa asks.

She should be in her office.” The lady returned.

Her office… since when she had an office.”

Are you alright Lisa?

What do you mean?

Barbara has been the head of PR for the last three years now. “Is there something wrong? Maybe you should sit down for a minute.”

“No! I am fine.”

  Lisa walks toward the PR office and sees Barbara sitting there. The Mold on her face is gone. And the Barbara she use to know is gone as well. She returned to her desk and sat down looking at the office. It had a very different look. People were different. She didn’t understand what she has done? She just wanted her friend to feel better about herself, but now she has lost her. It was like somehow time has been change. Barbara had pictures sitting on her desk with what seem to be a husband and two children. The Barbara she knew didn’t have children or a husband. She was a loner, very shy of men because of the mold on her face. It were the reason she never had a family. Now looking into the office of Barbara there is a very different more confident woman. A happy woman.


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