It was confirm, she had an extraordinary child. Something the world will not understand. The power he possess is beyond belief. She had no one she can trust to tell her story to.  Lisa knew she had to do something to protect her eight year old son. She knew if the world found out, someone will come for her child. And he won’t want her child to do anything good. Lisa knew there’s something she can do to help people like her friend without people ever finding out about her son. He doesn’t have to be there to help them. No one ever has to know it is her son helping them. Beside, no one will ever believe it anyway. She felt relieve knowing her son is safe. But, she had to make sure her son never tell anyone about his abilities. Kevin promised he will never tell anyone about his toys. “You call your gifts toys?” Lisa ask him.

“Yes! I have many toys.” Kevin said. Reaching in his book and giving Lisa Barbara portrait of her beautiful face without the mold.

“She is so happy now! She has what she always wanted, a family.”
 She walks outside holding the picture in her hand. She sit on the stoop to smoke a cigarette. Looking at the picture of her friend looking so beautiful.

“I am going to miss you girlfriend. I am glad for you. I am glad you have what you wanted. I can’t believe a little mold could make that much of a difference, but it did. It stopped you from blooming into the woman you was supposed to become, and now that mold is gone you are that woman. I guess I am going to have to find a new hangout buddy. I am going to miss our talks. I am going to miss my friend. I love you. Girlfriend.” Picking up the lighter and setting the portrait on fire. She watch as the portrait completely disappear into ashes.  Getting up and walking back into the apartment.  Putting some dishes up and getting ready to start dinner. Knock at the door seem familiar.  She stopped what she is doing and walks over to the door. Open it.

“Hey Girlfriend” Barbara said as she were walking into the apartment.

Barbara! Lisa shouted surprise.

Saturday! What are we doing tonight? Barbara ask.

“Barbara I wasn’t expecting you tonight.”

Tears falling from Lisa eyes. She don’t understand what happened, why Barbara is standing in her apartment with the Mold.

“I thought you were going out with your family”

“What family?” Returned Barbara.

Just kidding!” Lisa returned.

“Let me make sure Kevin is ok and then we can just hang out here, have some drinks, that’s ok?”

“Fine!” Barbara returned.

Lisa hurried in Kevin room. “Kevin something went wrong!

“What are you saying?” Kevin ask.

Barbara has her mold back. Her family is gone.


Yea long story. What happened?

I don’t know…. What did you do with the portrait?


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