The portrait! Oh my God! I burned it.

You burned it! Why?

I didn’t know that would happen, did you?

Know I didn’t.
Outside on the porch.

Go and get it.

Lisa ran outside to the porch and gathered up most of the ashes. She hurried back to Kevin. He reach out his hand for her to
Put the ashes in it. Lisa watched in amazement as the ashes grew into a portrait of Barbara. Lisa call for Barbara but there were no answer. She looks in the room Barbara was gone. A sigh of relief, she knew she was back with her family but she’s gone

 “Thank you Sweetheart.”


Lisa also knew she could not do this every day or people will get suspicious and someone will start investigating why those miracles are occurring? So she decide to have her son draw a miracle from someone she selected. She did this every mont
I didn’t want this for her. She was so happy. How could I fix this?

Where are the ashes?

 wasn’t sure. So she called her new number and Barbara answers the phone. She found out her family and husband were all back.  Kevin put the portrait back in the book where it would be safe.

“It’s alright mommy I fix it.”
h. When Abraham turn nine his ability grew more powerful and Abraham wanted to be among kids his age. Lisa had kept him away from others because he may want to show other kids his toys as he call them, or strangely he want to play with them. She still was uncertain about the lengths of his abilities. In a strange funny way she did not want to find out. Dealing with what he was capable of doing already were more than enough for her mind to process. Lisa decided she wanted him to live as much as normal life as she can give him. She wanted to stop playing with his toys. She also realizes that would not be possible. It is what he is and she had to learn all she can about her son toys.

There are so many things that runs through a mother mind about their child but these things are normal and there are books and people to tell you what to do for that situation. Lisa found herself with no books to help and no one to talk to about this situation. It is a learning process for her. All she know is she has a very extraordinary son. And her education begins alone. She knows what she cannot do. She can’t have him playing with kids his age without her supervision. And she knows she has to monitor what he draws.

Lisa believes Kevin powers lies in his drawing so she decided not to let him take his drawing book to school with him and he is not to talk about it to other kids. Other than his drawing he is just a normal kid. The days went according to plan. Everyday Kevin came home and there were no incident that she heard of and there were an incident… how would she know? She has been monitoring his book and she haven’t seen anything different other than drawing of trees and animal. But, as she were looking at the drawing of the trees and animal she noticed something different about the trees and animal. They weren’t ordinary trees and the animal were different. One of the animal were a cat with a dog head and the other were a dog with a cat body. She also noticed some of the houses looked different but she didn’t know where the drawing were taken. She walked outside of her apartment to the outside gate and saw that everything were the same on her street. She were relieve to see that but she feared what the neighboring street look like. And although she


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