dreaded it she decided to take a walk through the neighborhood. Armed with Kevin drawing would try to identify the changes he made to the neighborhood. As she walked around all looked well, she didn’t see any changes. She decided to turn back and go home, while she was headed homed she took another look at Kevin drawing where she saw a park that didn’t look like it belongs in her type of neighborhood. It were such a nice park so she left it as it is. When she returned home she noticed there weren’t much done to the area so she gave a sigh of relief. Sitting on the porch looking through the drawing she noticed a bunch of kids in the neighborhood, nothing ordinary about them but she don’t remember seeing these kids around before. But, realizing she didn’t know all the kids anyway so she forgot about it.  Until she went into her building and just passing her were a very attractive young lady who she has never seen in her building before.

Hi! Lisa said. The young lady continue to walk through the door ignoring Lisa. Lisa walked in the house believing the girl did not hear her. A few minutes into her house a knock at her door. When she opened it she were stunned to see two police officer standing there.

Hello I am sorry to bother you but we are looking for the parents of these kids. He showed her two little kids standing outside in front of the police car. Do you think you can identify them? She walked to the police and looked at the kids. It was a boy and a girl. One seem to be 12 years old and the other around the same age. Lisa could not identify the children or lead them to who their parents maybe.

Where do you live? Lisa asks them.

The nodded they didn’t know.

We have a several other children this week and we haven’t been able to find their parents.  A set of twins no more than two years old. A neighbor spotted them as he was parking almost hit one of them. When they couldn’t find the parents they call us.”

I wish I could help you officer but I have never seen theses children before.

One of your neighbors said they saw them playing with your son, Do you think he can tell us anything?”

Well I can always ask him. KJ, Come here baby.”

 Kevin came to the door and walk up to them.

Do you know these children?

Yes Mommy they are my friends.

Do you know who their parents are?

No Mommy.

Where do you know them from?

We play ball together.

Where do you play ball?

Over there? Pointing to the parking lot at the corner.

You don’t know where they live?

No Mommy.

Ok. I am sorry Officer.

That’s all right! Responded Police Officer. They put the kids in the car and drove off. Kevin and Lisa went back in the house. When she close the door she heard

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