someone coming in the building so she open it quickly, where she saw the young lady from earlier coming back in the building.

 Excuse me.” The girl stopped.

Do you have any kids?

No I don’t the young lady said.

Do you know anyone who have kids in this area?

No I don’t. Sorry. And the lady start to walk away.

Excuse me. Lisa call to the lady. She stops and wait for a response from Lisa.

I never seem you hear before. Are you new here?

No. Replied the girl.

I don’t remember ever seeing you in this building before, what floor are you on?

The top floor. The girl responded.

What is your name? Ask Lisa
My name is Tabby.

Nice to meet you Tabby. My name is Lisa

Would you like to come in for a coffee or something?



I don’t drink what you call it? Toffee


Some other time Maybe. Could I stop by later?

Sure anytime I am right here at 1a just ring or knock on the door.

Sure. Bye, Bye.

 Lisa returned to her apartment as she listen to Tabby walk upstairs. Walking to the kitchen her mind went back to the park. She knew it was the work of KJ, but she felt The Park really looks nice in the area. But, suddenly, she almost lost her balance as it hit her …

“What happened to the homes and the people that occupied that space?”