It is a beautiful new house everyone were saying standing outside looking at the home we just bought. My Mom, My sisters, and my fathers. My wife and the kids were all standing around, we felt we finally made it. After standing around for a few minutes we all went inside. Earlier today some friends fixed the place up with brand new furnishing and all the decorations of Christmas.  I wanted to start a tradition of our own. I wanted every Christmas in this house to be special, as special as I can make it. Now, I know how fate work, you cannot have every Christmas a special one. Things do happen to bring some sad moments in your life especially around holidays. Well I just have to deal with that when those sad days come around. Today is happy days and I am celebrating every moment of it. We got this very beautiful house for a very low price. I couldn’t believe how much we paid for this house, especially in this community. I called it Karma. It is the sign of good things to come.”

Christmas is only a few days away and both my wife and I had taken two weeks vacations. We wanted to plan the Christmas holidays for our family, from shopping to planning Christmas dinners. Our first Christmas is going to be one the family will remember for years to come.

Fate has a way of throwing a wrench into things. Amyl our seven year old son has taken ill just five days before Christmas and it seen to be getting worse by day. Doctors weren’t sure what were wrong with him. They wanted to keep him in the hospital for observation, but we weren’t having it. If I had to carry him up and down the stairs and hire three nurses, we weren’t going to separate him from the family. It’s not life threatening at this time. It is just a strange illness they had no

explanation for. We have a doctor on call and my wife is a registered nurse and we are going to keep a vigil on his condition. Amyl Auntie decided to sleep in the room with him, she is also a registered nurse and works in the children ward at Montgomery Hospital. She is not only a nurse but a practitioners as well. It is what our family do. We look out for each other. It is something our grandparents instill in us. I know things can go wrong with all the planning. This is either going to be a beautiful Christmas, or a horrific nightmare.

It was doing the early part of the night, Aunty Loral were just getting ready for some long overdue sleep, but. She needed to check Amyl first. He were already sleeping in his bed. She woke him up examine him and took his pressure.  After determining he was good she went to bed.

As she slept further into the early morning hours, Loral were awaken by a ticking noise. At first she didn’t pay any attention and tried to go back to sleep. The ticking was persistent, she looked over at Amyl and saw he were sleeping. She sat up looking around the room. She cleared her eyes as she looked to the corner of the room and saw what she believe was a shadow. She wipe her eyes to take another look. She couldn’t make out what it were, only that it was the side of a child. She turn on the lamp next to the bed and there were nothing there. She could still hear a strange ticking noise coming from the far end of Amyl bed. Getting out of the bed the noise stopped. She looked at the side of the bed where the noise were coming from and didn’t see anything. The ticking noise were unlike any sound she ever heard and it puzzled her. It wasn’t the noise of an animal of some little creature creeping around the house. It was something else. She brushed it off and went to the bathroom. After returning from the bathroom she hears that ticking sound again.  A pulsating fear froze her in her steps. She looks toward Amyl bed, a shadow of what appear to be a figure of a child runs from Amyl Bed to the closet. She opens the closet door and didn’t see anything.  Getting back in bed believing her mind is playing tricks on her because she is tired. She got back in bed and in seconds were a sleep.

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