The smell of fresh coffee and bacon were in the air. Family talking at the table, making listing for more gifts. Loral came down and joined the family. Joe bought Amyl downstairs and sat him on the couch.

“Did anyone hear a ticking sound last night?” Aunty Loral asked

“I think I heard you going to the bathroom, but no ticking!” said Jennie.

“I hope we don’t have rats in here.” Said Jennie

“No! It wasn’t the sound of rats or any creature I know of. I never heard this sound before. Very strange! And I thought I seen a shadow lurking near the closet.”

“A shadow!” cried Jennie.

“Yes. I swear. My mind has never played tricks on me. I know what I saw.”

“Wow!” John returned.

“Do you think Amyl seen it?”

“I don’t think he seem it last night, but I am sure he saw something at some time. He had to.”

“Amyl! Did you see or hear anything in your room like a shadow or noise?”


“Good! Whatever it is hasn’t affected him yet.”

“For how long will it be before he do see something” I am going to have the house bless!” Jennie said.

(Somewhere on the other side of town a very different world for a little girl is unfolding.)

The hallway was so dim she could hardly see her way down, but she knew if she cut on the lights whe would be punished. She stared down the stairs hoping she were gone to bed. She wwere so hungry her belly had begun to hurt.

.  She slowly creeps downstairs when she saw her mother walking into her room with a man following behind her. The door slammed. Sending relief to her fears as she knew her mother would be in the room with the man for a while, so she hurried downstairs to the kitchen. Opening the frig and helping herself to all the food she could carry.
After filling her belly with food and soda, she hurried back up to her room and closed the door.

She laid back on the bed to watch her favorite cartoon when she glimpses movement from the corner of her eye. A doll sitting in the chair just in front of her bed. She looks to see what is happening, believing it is just her imagination. She lays back down to watch her favorite cartoon. When she notice one of the dolls has stood up and is staring at her.

Fear races through her heart making it difficult to say anything. The doll walks slowly toward Linda. It stops turning its head directly at her. She can’t believe what she is witnessing. She Pulls the cover over head afraid to look and afraid to scream. She prays and peek out of the covers. The doll is back in the chair. She looks closer at the doll, trying to figure how it was able to move the way it did? Getting out the bed and tip toeing over to the point of surreal, the doll, she looks close to see what made it move. Afraid to examine it, she backs away. Unable to take her eyes off it. The doll head turns toward Linda. Linda stops in horror as the doll head follows her. She runs out the room downstairs and BANG! At the door. It opens!
“What are you doing here?” The lady Screams!

“My doll moves!” Said Linda.

“Take yourself back upstairs!”  Lady screaming!

“NOW! She exclaims, “I will deal with you later!” The door slams almost hitting Linda in the face. Linda standing at the door afraid to look up at the stairway. Heart pulsating with fear, she muster the nerves to look up the stairs expecting to see the doll standing at the top of it. Relieve, nothing there. She' s


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