“GET OUTTA MY HOUSE!” Lady Yelling!

 Shadow moving slowly toward her getting taller and more monstrous as it closes in on her. The lady screams and runs pass the shadow as she races downstairs and out of the house.

Linda is standing at her doorway looking downstairs Aida beckon her to come downstairs where she put a coat and shoes on her.

“Here! Put on this hat… it cold outside.” Aida told her.

“Where are we going?” Linda cried.

“I am taking you home. To your real mommy.”

“My real Mommy?”

“Yes… Let’s go before she returns.” She hurried Linda out the door and down the streets onto the subway. A gentlemen was standing at the turnstile to let them through. A half hour later they found themselves standing outside a house. Linda looked at Aida in confusion.

“Where are we?”

“Where you belongs.” Go! Knock on the door. There is a very nice lady behind that door. She will know what to do? And she will tell you everything. Go ahead!”
 Linda walks up to the door looking back at Aida. She rang the bell and wait for someone to open the door. She looks back and see Aida still waiting with her. She rang the bell again.

“I’m coming!” She hears a voice call. The door open and Linda find herself starring up at a pretty lady that looks just like her only taller, older.

Hello Sweetheart. She say to Linda looking around to see if anybody with her.  “Come in. It’s cold out. How did you get here?


Another much older lady enters the room. Bree! Who is this little Princess?

Mommy! Mommy. Bree Screams! Falling to her knees embracing the little girl.

“The angel said. I was going to meet my mother here.”

Bree falling to her knees grabbing the little girl in her arms and letting out a heart ranching scream Julie dropped to her knees beside them.

This can’t be she cried.

It’s her Mommy, It’s my daughter.

“Oh my God, finally, the nightmare is over. She is home. She is home.”



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