Amil House continues…,


Amil just celebrated his tenth birthday just a month before Christmas. He felt good about walking into his new home with his family, but Amil had always suffered with severe Asthma. Sometime he had to wear an oxygen mask which he hated to do especially when he had to take it to school because several boys in his school bullied him.

His room were just how he dreamed it would be with all   sports posters on the wall. He jumped on his new bed and did a little dance to show his approval.  Someone turn on Christmas music and Amil looked at every new gadget in his room including his play station and flat screen television. He walked down stairs where everyone were gathered in the living room. They had turn on the Christmas lights to the tall Christmas tree. It were the prettiest Christmas tree he ever seem. He couldn’t believe it were his tree and they were living in this fabulous new house.

Everybody has gone to bed Amil sat on his bed playing video games on the computer and talking to his friends. It were late and he knew his mother would be coming in any minute to cut everything off. Just as he was into the game the lights went off and every electronic shut down. It was dark I his room. At first he thought of a black out but the hallway lights were still on. He got out of bed and walked toward the door where everything seem normal. He walked back to his room and turn the light swift on, and the lights return. Glad to see the light back on he jumps on the bed and turn the game back on.  A few minutes into the game everything went off just as suddenly as it did before. All that remain on was his oxygen machine. Amil did not get up this time. He laid back in his bed to pull the cover over him as he prepared to go to sleep. His door opened and his mother walks into the room.

“I don’t believe this.”

“What is it you don’t believe?”

“You turned everything off without me telling you to. Good Boy!’

“Well! New house, I figure I’ll try something new.”

“Good for you. I am proud of you.” Kisses him on the forehead.

“Good Night sweetie. She gets up and walks out the room closing the door behind her.

Minutes later”…Hahaha… the little baby boy.”

Amil sit up in his bed,

“Hello” he calls. Looking around the room. He turns on the light. He looks at his phone. “Nothing.” He lays back down. The light turn on. Amil looks around the room to see if someone walked in. No one is there so he turns the light back off. Barely a minute into his sleep feels something grabbing his foot and pulling him. He pulls away jumping out of the bed. “Hahahaha.” He hears around the room. He runs out into his mother room. He stops at the door, then walks back to his room. Peeking inside his room. Turning the lights on as he search the room. Find .nothing and lay back in the bed. He decided to keep the lights on for a while. He is not afraid, there is not one sound heard in the entire house. Everyone is sleeping except him. He turns the light off again hoping to get some sleep. Jumping up to the sound of foots running in the room. He sees a shadow on the wall. And can’t believe what he is seeing as it runs out the room. Staring


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