“And before I get you started on that I have two things that must be taking care of. One I am going to do right now.”

She put her finger on his nose, a red light glowed in her finger and she took the oxygen mask off his nose. “You will need that no more.”

“I am cure!”

“Yep!” Now remember. Her name is Linda.”

“Got It.”

“I let you win this time you know that right!” Aida said.

“Sure you did.” Returned Amyl.





Linda and Amyl…

It is the first day of school and Linda and her grandmother were there for her first day in school. Although the woman had been caught and were no longer a threat to Linda. Bree weren’t taking any chances. The school had strict orders not to release Linda to anyone except her and her grandmother. Bree were determine she will take Linda to her room every day and will be there before school closes. She wanted to know everyone who would be responsible for the care of Linda.

Linda gave her mother and grandmother a kiss and hug as she walked into her class. She took a seat near the front of the classroom sitting next to a young man her age. His name is Amyl. Bree stare at her daughter as she started a conversation with the teacher and the young man beside her. The teacher walked to the back of the room. After a few minutes of sitting in class. Amyl heard a ticking sound. It sounded familiar to him. He turn to look to the back of the class. Smiling, he turned his attention back to the teacher.  Two minutes later, Linda heard the same ticking sound and looked behind her. Seeing Aida sitting in the back of the class. She smile at her and Aida smile back at her. Linda turned her attention back to the teacher.

Aida sat there looking at the students in the room, then at Linda and Amyl, then at the teacher in front of the class. Starring at the board as silence filled the room, a white blur delivered her to a brand new adventure…


The End.