Have you ever seem a person walking down the street talking to themselves? Have you ever seen anyone talking to themselves anywhere? And did you think that person was a little off? What if I told you reality is something you cannot see! What if told you that every person talking to themselves is not crazy. What we may be looking at is something beyond our understanding of reality. Something our eyes cannot see, our ears cannot hear.

Allow me introduce Katherine Witter’s, Katherine has always been special, a smart girl, but a loner. It all started one afternoon when Katherine only ten years old were outside playing with her friends when a neighborhood bully interpreted their play. He decided he wanted the ball they were playing with and that Katherine eight year old friend Davie would look better with a black eye. Katherine didn’t agree with that and when the bully went to deliver a blow to Davie eye his fist caught the bat Katherine was swinging.  His knee also caught a good hit that took him to the ground screaming. Katherine and her friends took this opportunity to run away.

Although Katherine was now a hero with her friends, she also became an enemy of a twelve year old bully. When Katherine returned to her room that afternoon just before she would sat down to dinner. She heard a voice calling her name. She turn around to see a young woman standing in her room. Katherine did not recognize the woman. Only that she was pretty and very friendly looking.

Hello” Katherine responded.

Are you a friend of my Mom?”

No! The lady responded.

Are you a friend of my dad?


Who are you?

I am your friend.

I don’t have any grown up friends. My Mommy won’t allow it. Except my aunts. They are my friends.

I will be your first grown up friend. If it is ok with you?

Yes. You could be my friend.

Kathy! Her mother calls as she walks in her room.

I heard you took on a bully!

He ask for it Mommy! He was going to beat up Davie.

 Oh we can’t have that can we?

No we can’t mommy.

Who were you talking to?

I am talking to my new friend. Pointing to the lady standing in the room with them.

Theresa looks around the room.

I don’t see anybody! You have a fantasy friend now. Aren’t you a little big old for that?

I don’t know Mommy.

Ok. You are entitle to your friends invisible or not. Kisses her on the forehead and walks out of the room.

Are you a ghost? Kathy ask.

 No. I am no ghost.

Then why my mother didn’t see you?

I am a special person.

What kind of person is that?

A person that only you can see.



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