Are you going to hurt me?
No. I will never do anything to hurt you.

I don’t understand why my mom couldn’t see you.
Because only you can see me Kathy.


You asks a lot of question. Think of me as your Guardian.
A Guardian Angel.
They don’t exist.
Sure they do. I am living proof.

Ok. Do all my friends gets a guardian angel?
Only you.
Why me.
Someday you will understand. I want you to promise me something!
Promise me you will never hurt anyone again.

Are you talking about the bully?
The bully and anyone else.
I want you to know for now on, anyone that may try to harm you or anyone you love I will take care of them. This I promise you. OK

Ok. May I ask you a question?
You may ask me a question
What is your name?

You may call me Mother!
Kathy has found herself with a strange friend whom over the years has guided her through high school and into a prestige college.  Her parents always felt her to be a little eccentric always talking to herself. She had gotten good grades so her mother didn’t mind her talking to herself as much as she did, but, it kept friends away from her. People though it was weird Kathy will be at events talking to someone no one else could see or hear. But that didn’t bother her. Her family loved her and that all that mattered to her.
Kathy finally moved out into the dorm where she had her own apartment, which was rare, but a scholarship made it possible for her to have everything she wanted.
At age 20, Kathy is young beautiful lady with a lot of men looking at her and no one caring about the fact she sometimes talk to herself.
Kathy often speak more to Mother at night but she has noticed lately Mother has not been coming around. It didn’t bother her, she knew that day will come when she did not see Mother as often. She knew Mother wanted her to live a normal life. She wanted her to make friends. Kathy were becoming interested in boys and she like going out with friends meeting young men in the same university she is attending. It were doing the night Mother woke Kathy up.
Katherine. Call mother, as she touch her gently on her forehead. Kathy love the way she wake her. She opens her eyes to Mother glow.
Hey Mother.


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