Hello my darling.
Is something wrong?
No dear. I just want you to know I am going away for a while.
Where are you going?
You wouldn’t understand!
Try Me.

There are another world similar to yours in a realm very different from this one. But it is very important. I want you to know I will be away for a while.

How long will you be gone?

I will say a month of your earth time.

A month. I think I can survive a month without you. I think.
You will be fine, but if there becomes a situation you should need me. I want you to scream my name at the top of your voice, and I will be there. Do you understand?
I do.
Good. Return to sleep my child. Return to sleep. The next morning Kathy awake feeling good about her environment. She wanted to open her apartment up to some of her friends. It is a three bedroom apartment and she had two available room she wanted to rent out.



She allowed two of her friends to roommate with her. She didn’t do it for extra money she wanted to surround herself with friends. Kathy spend most of her time in her books and at home. Her only communication with the outside world were her computer and the internet. Two roommates is enjoying the luxury life of their own privacy thanks to Kathy and they are having fun.  Party on Saturday and hanging at the mall on Sunday. It is a different life for Kathy. She is celebrating young success with friends she like celebrating her success with. June Jong is a beautiful Japanese from Japan. 19 years old, studying pre-med. She wanted to study in the United States. Even though this was her first trip to the US. She spoke fluent English. She almost spoke fluent French, and Spanish. She come from a very wealthy Japanese family. She doesn’t let her father legacy define her. She desires to make her own way and she don’t want any part of her father’s business. Simple because it is a big boys business and she didn’t want her father choosing her brother over her simple because he is a male and not giving enough credit to her because she is female. It is a fight she rather live without. Although she love her father his custom and ways. She wanted her own success, and she wanted it in medicine.
Kathy second roommate is name Jennifer Davis freshman year studying communications. Dreams of becoming an executive producer of a television show made famous by her. 18 fresh out of high school raise by a single her mother, A Surgical nurse who wanted the best for her young daughter. Kathy wanted to protect her. She reminded her of herself. They became known around the campus as the fab three. They was always together except when they was going to class. Kathy had friends and an exciting future. She was happy most of all to have friends. Something she never really had growing up.
Saturday afternoon the first of June the semester had ended and the fabs 3 were getting ready to spend their last night together before they went home for the summer. They decided to stay in and have a pizza party.  Kathy also threw in an order of Chinese food. It was going to be a dog out party she said. The girls talked and listen to music. Talking about their favorite subject “Men”.
Knock! Knock!
“Anybody expecting anyone?” Kathy ask.
No. Replied Jennifer
No. returned June.
 Kathy walked to her door to look through the peek hole. “Who is it?” Kathy call.
Lifting the cover on the peek hole. BAM! The door swing open nearly knocking her down. Man grabbing her with a gun in her face.
Shut up. Three other men enter the house and head to the living room. June and Jennifer jumping up to the noise. Greeted by three men waving guns at them. Another having Kathy around the next and holding a gun to her head.
Oh Boy! We are going to have ourselves a party.
Please. Kathy trying to get a word out.
Shut up. You don’t get to talk at my party. Only up men get to talk.
 Two men took June into the bathroom and closed the door behind them. Sound of June whimpering as the sound of clothes ripping and water running into the tub. Men laughing as the sound of fist hitting a body. Cries and silence rumbling through dips of water. A gunman throw Kathy on the couch while the other throws Jennifer onto the floor and rip her clothes off her. Her pleas with him to stop. He answers with a bunch in her face. And a kick to her back as she lay murmuring on the floor. He jumps on top of her.  More than two hours of tossing the women from man to man they decides to take a break while all three girls is lying tie up of on the floor. The men help themselves to pizza and Chinese food and drinks while they brag about what they just did and what they are going to do to the girls next. They decide to wait until it were late in the early morning where the chances of someone seeing them leaving were very low. They plan to take the girls in the woods and kill them there. Kathy although badly beaten could barely make out their plan but she knew they weren’t going to get out alive. One of the men Picked June up and took her into the bedroom and closed the door. The men were looking at them as they laugh at the helpless women tied up on the floor. Another man went in the room and join in on the rape of June.

 Two hours later they bought June out of the bedroom and dropped her on the floor with the others. Her body looked lifeless. Her eyes were open and there was no sign of movement coming from her body. Tears filled both their eyes as they knew they had lost their friend and they knew they two were going to die.

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