What Happened to Nina was horrible and I don’t know what to tell you. We are in danger as whatever happened to Nina and the baby.
Man it kill my child too. What kind of monster does that?
When that girl screamed Mother! She set something off.
How is it she is alive? How is it all of them are alive? We killed them. Even if one of them miraculously survived they will be fighting for their life in a hospital. Are you sure those are the same girls we killed.
Look for yourself. Showing him the pictures. I took those this morning. I was there outside wondering why police haven’t found the bodies, and what happens! Three dead bodies’ walks out happy and alive.  It’s crazy!
So what we are going to do? You know what? Let just get the Fuck out of town.
No matter where we run we can’t run from this.
So what we do? Just wait to die!
Hell No! We are going to fight this.
That girl Kathy. She is the one that summons this being, whatever it is. So she has the power. I don’t think the others do. So we are going to grab one of her friends and make her call this thing off us.
Are they still there?
They gone away for spring break. But, I know where Jennifer lives. She is the only one who hasn’t left the city.
Where is she?
She went to her Mom house in Brooklyn.
How do you know so much about these girls?
Homework, son, homework.
Did your homework get an address in Brooklyn?
Starting the car. “Let’s go.”

Kathy were walking into her mothers’ house when her cellphone ring. June had made it safely to Japan. Her m grabbed her another Lisa greeted her at the door. She hug her and gave her kisses all over like she use to do when Kathy was a little girl. She help her upstairs to her room.

Are you glad to be home?
Yes’s! I missed you.
I missed you too. Are you hungry?
Well get yourself together. I got your favorite Laguna waiting in the oven.
Ok. I will be right down. You don’t have to tell me twice. Kathy said laughing.
They sat in the kitchen talking. Lisa gave a healthy plate full of lasagna. Even though Kathy were enjoying her food, something didn’t seem right.
So what has been happening in school? Lisa ask.

It’s been wonderful.

Are your grades good?
I know… then what is wrong?

Wrong! Nothing is wrong!

I know my daughter. Something is wrong.


Mom you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

Ok! Let’s find out if I would believe you.

You wouldn’t!
Did something happen at school?
Kathy sat there silent starring at her plate.
Kathy what happen?
Nothing Mother.
Something happened I can tell and you are not getting up until you tell me.
She noticed tears falling from Kathy eyes.
Oh Lord. Lisa cried as she hug her daughter.
Now you are scarring the hell out of me. What happened?
Yesterday we were having a celebrating party just me and my roommates. When there was a knock at the door. I answered it. Four men burst in the room with guns blazing!
Oh my God! Kathy. Don’t tell me anymore. Crying.
We were raped and beaten.
Beaten! Where?
All over.
I don’t understand, there are no bruises anywhere.
That’s where it gets to the part you won’t believe.

Oh! I believe my darling. Mother.
Yes. Returned Kathy, starring surprise at her mother.
I have seen things around you. Often it scared because I didn’t know what it was. It took to you. I wondered why something would come to my daughter. I even talked to members of the church. Other than ghost being attached to you. No one has any clear cut answers about what this thing was. One day when you were fifteen you got sick. Remember that?
You were diagnose with cancer. It was already in its third Doctors didn’t have much hope for you. And to top that off you developed Pneumonia. I knew I was going to lose my only daughter. I knew it was just a matter of time.  One night you finally got to sleep. I was so glad you finally was getting some rest. The fever you had was getting worse. I could have a doctor tell me you were going to die. I didn’t call for help. I just prayed.
I remember kneeling down by your bed praying when I noticed a white light. A beautiful white glow approaching the bed. It materialize into this beautiful woman. I never seen anything that beautiful before in my life. She was just like you describe to me. She sat right next to you on the bed. She looked at me still kneeling. She reached her hand out to me. When I took her hand, I felt an unbelievable happiness. I didn’t understand the type of happiness I was experiencing. And she looked at me and I asked Me “Are you afraid of me?” and I responded, “Not anymore.” Then, she looked at you and said; “Beautiful isn’t she.”
I responded: “Yes she is.” Then, you better have her some food ready. In five minute you are going to have one hunger girl. Then she disappeared right before my eyes. Five minutes later I didn’t think I had enough food in the house to feed you. Five days later the cancer was gone. Doctors didn’t understand. I have never witness anything like that in my life. So when you tell me Mother came to your rescue. I am so glad. And you don’t know how much I thank her right now.
Mommy she save all of us.
I can understand that. She wants you happy.
Their day together went well, Kathy had finish unpacking and were planning to visit her aunt with her mother. Just as they were walking out the door her phone ring.  She answered it.
Hey girl. Said Kathy
Hey back at you. Just calling to see had you gotten in safely.
Safe and sound. How about you.
All good here. Getting ready to hit downtown Brooklyn for some good old fashion shopping.
Old fashion! I don’t think shopping could ever be old fashion.
I know that’s right. Anyway. Girl have fun. See you soon.
Ok Gurl, be careful.
Will do. Bye
Jennifer. Kathy said to her mother as they walks out the door.

Sam phone ring. He answered immediately. Yo what’s up. John Doctor on the phone.
Yo! The club is crawling with police. Say there is a dead body inside. It is willis.
Willis. Yeah I let him stay there because him and his girl had a fight last night. Yo you heard what happened to Johnny and his family. Man it is unbelievable. What the hell is going on?
Some crazy shit man. Where are you?
Man I am downtown Brooklyn. Hey! What the hell. Yo did that girl Jennifer had a twin.
I don’t think so.
Then I am looking at a fucking ghost. Because she has just walked right passed me and she doesn’t have any scrap on her body or face for that matter.
Yo follow her. Don’t let her see you.
What’s going on?
I don’t know some weird shit!





End part one