Lisa James always loved spending time with her son Kevin James who she gave the nickname KJ. She love buying him gifts and many of her family enjoyed bringing him gifts as well, but she noticed something odd about him He wasn’t much into toys like other kids. he like to draw and to her surprise he was very good at it. She knew she had a prodigal child and she wanted nourish his gift.

At only three years old KJ were creating life like portrait. He drawing looked so real. It was hard to believe a three year old had such a gift. His talent got him a scholarship to a very prestigious Art school and a mentor who took noticed of his talents. His works has been sold in Art Gallery around the world all before Kevin was five years old.  At six Lisa began to notice how is drawing has taken on a more realistic look unlike anything they has ever witness. But she wanted her son to have a life. She wanted him to grow up with kids his own age. She didn’t want him to grow be a loner and isolated from the world. KJ love being around kids and he loved animals and many of his painting was about kids and animal. Creating Children playing ball in the streets. How he captured the entire scenery as if he took a picture. What was just as impressive were the speed in which he created the painting. Often in one day.

 Lisa began to take his drawing really serious when he turned six years old. She were amazed of how real his portrait of people look. They looked just like the person he drew. He didn’t need to sit before him, he just look and in that one look he created a spitting image of that person. She soon found out his talents goes beyond anything she has ever imagine. When one Saturday, Lucy and Kevin were walking downtown through the mall when just outside the mall Kevin noticed a man sitting in a wheelchair. He walked over to the man not listening Kevin would upset the man by asking him unwanted questions. When she approach them she realized the man was friendly and didn’t mind talking about his injuries.


The man told him how he lost his legs by an explosion in the war. He told Kevin how he had lost everything after that including his wife Cherry. He didn’t blame her. She tried to love him in spite of the situation. But her heart hurt for him and all she did was cried. He had to let her go because he knew she will only be miserable for what had happened to her husband. He divorce her years ago. He couldn’t watch her suffer. He told KJ the whole story and no one know why he confide in a child but he did.

Kevin was very sad for the man and that night at home he began to draw the man. First he drew the man in his wheelchair, the exact same way he saw the man when he meet him earlier. Then, he drew the man with legs standing up. He drew the man walking and happy.

That night when Kevin was in bed Lucy came in his room and kissed him goodnight. She saw the drawing of the soldier sitting in the wheelchair, then she turned the page where she saw the drawing of the soldier with his legs and happy. She were very impressed.

The next day after taking Kevin to school she stopped by the mall, but she did not see the soldier. Days has passed and she did not see the soldier. One day she has just finished shopping when she saw a young looking man that looked just like the soldier. He looked so much like the soldier she thought they must be related. After putting her grocery in the car she saw the man and a woman approaching her. It was the young man. She wanted to know if he knew the soldier, so she approach him and asked him if he knew the soldier. The gentlemen said he never heard of a man without legs. He said it sound said to hear that a soldier has lost his legs and is now homeless. The woman call him Jim. It was the same name as the man in the wheelchair.

“Your name is Jim?” Yes the man returned.  Jim Maddox.

That‘s funny she said. The soldier name were Jim Maddox as well. Is your wife name Cherry?

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